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Please take the time to read and discuss the entire Junior Version Stone Hill Learning Center Code of Conduct (below) with your student. Every student, grades K - 2nd, must sign this version Code of Conduct (either electronically or in print) before beginning classes. Please contact us with any questions!

Because I am part of the Stone Hill Learning Center, I will do the following:

When I talk: I will be kind and courteous in everything I say. I will work on saying things that make others feel happy.

I will be respectful in all that I do: I will treat all SHLC teachers and students with respect. I will respect all adults at SHLC who talk to me or ask me to do something.

I will also take care of things: I will be careful with anything I use or touch at SHLC. I will make sure anything I use is in good condition for someone else and I will put away anything I use. I will ask before I use someone else’s things.

I will be an encouragement: I will be a good friend to every student I meet at SHLC. I will ask politely for things I need, and wait patiently to be answered when I have a question. I will use my words to solve problems in kind ways. I will not hurt anyone with my body or my words.

I will be safe: I will not do anything that is unsafe for myself or others. I will not hurt anyone’s body or their feelings. I will respect any adult who tells me something is unsafe. I will respect any student who tells me I am hurting them.

I will remember that I am part of a group: I am glad that I am part of the Stone Hill Learning Center. I am glad that I can learn how to follow SHLC rules and be a better student. I am grateful I can follow the examples of my teachers.

I will ask for and give forgiveness: I will ask forgiveness when I have done something wrong. I will accept an apology from someone else who has done something to hurt me, and I will tell them I forgive them.

I will be thankful: I am thankful for the time I have at the Learning Center and for the opportunity to learn with other children and my teachers.

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