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Application for Admission (New Student)
Academic Year 2022 - 2023


The electronic application process is best completed in one sitting, so please  prepare appropriately. The entire process takes roughly 45 minutes.


You must submit one set of forms for each child you are registering; however, payments may be made together (one payment for each family). You will be asked today to make a decision regarding which payment plan you would like to commit to, but full payment is not due until your designated payment plan dates.

New students are required to pay a $100 Application Fee, due upon completion of these forms.


Paper forms may printed and completed by hand, or these electronic forms be revisited at any time. To do so, please visit our ADMISSIONS page and click the links.


New students are required to complete an interview with our program director as part of the application process. CONTACT US to schedule that interview, or with any other questions you may have. 

Student Information

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Parent/Guardian Information

Sibling Information

Parents Questions

Student Questions



Both parents must read and sign below to signify agreement. Application will not be accepted for consideration without parents' electronic signatures.

Stone Hill Learning Center (SHLC) is a ministry of Stone Hill Church and the Church's Board of Elders oversees its operation. It is the mission of SHLC to encourage both parents and children in their homeschooling experience, while offering group learning opportunities and additional educational resources, which complement those already existing in the home. SHLC is not a school, nor does it fulfill the state educational requirements. It is your responsibility as parent(s) to comply with your state constitutional requirements for providing your child with an "equivalent education" to that provided in public and/or private school.

By signing this electronic document, you agree with the terms and conditions set forth in the above statement of the Stone Hill Church Learning Center.

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