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Course Selections Form
Academic Year 2022- 2023

Please select the classes you would like to register for (note: tuition and fees listed separately here). Please submit one course selection form for each child whom you are registering. 

Student Information

Early-Years Education Offerings
Elementary School Offerings
Middle School Offerings
High School Offerings
Stone Hill Learning Center has the right to deny enrollment based on lack of space, a student's placement test scores, age, material proficiency, or any other reason they see fit. Priority is given to students who complete all paperwork first. By e-signing below, you are agreeing to the following: 
I understand that my student's final enrollment in the above selected course(s) is dependent upon Program Director consent, date of enrollment and payment of all tuition and fees (or commitment to a designated payment plan). I also understand that, if for any reason, there is an issue with my enrollment, a Stone Hill Learning Center Administrator will be reaching out to me. 
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